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SBA Capital Advance:


How Payments Are Made

One of the most popular features of an SBA Capital Advance is having flexible payments that are tied to your daily sales volume. The daily repayment is set as a percentage of your daily credit card sales (typically between 5%-15%). This percentage is known as a "holdback" or "split percentage".

At the end of each day, the agreed upon holdback will be applied to the batch total and the portion due to us will be sent directly to us and your portion will be deposited into your business bank account.

Payments will vary based on the sales volume but the percentage will never change. Your payments will be smaller on slow days, larger on busy days, and no payments on days that you are closed. This type of repayment has proven to be very affordable to our clients and easy to manage.


Repayment Methods

There are 3 different methods for repayment. By offering multiple methods SBA Capital is able to offer funding to all businesses with little or no impact on their day to day operations.


Split Funding:

Split funding is when a credit card processor splits batches according to the agreement and delivers the holdback portion directly to us. Not all credit card processors can accomodate this type of repayment but many can. We work directly with some of the largest processors in the industry. If your processor can split directly with any funding company then we can mostly like work with them.


Lockbox / Transfer Account:

A transfer account allows SBA Capital to offer automated repayment to all businesses without requiring a credit card processing change. A transfer account is simply an intermediate account where batches are deposited into, split into the specified percentage, and then deposited in the respective bank account.

Transfer accounts are in your businesses name and SBA Capital has no access to the account. The sole purpose of the account is to allow batch deposits to flow through it so they can be split on our behalf. The process is seamless, automated, and accurate.


Direct Debit ACH:

ACH repaymnet is when SBA Capital logs into your processing account each day to retrieve the previous day's sales volume. The holdback is calculated and then we debit your business bank account directly.

Direct debit has stricter qualifying requirements due to increased risk. Since the payments are debited directly, there is a chance that the ACH may be rejected due to insufficient funds in a business bank account.

SBA Capital approves direct debit on a case by case basis. Only businesses with strong cashflow will be considered.

If you have any questions about the different repayment methods please contact us directly and we will gladly answer them.


Toll Free: 1-800-563-4780

Email: info@sbacinc.com






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